rob nesler

rob nesler

Rob Nesler is a video game art director and executive producer. Nesler is a graduate of San Diego State University and he began his career in gaming with Interplay [Irvine, CA]. He has also worked at Sammy Studios [Carlsbad], Treyarch/Activision [Santa Monica], Shiny Entertainment [Aliso Viejo], InXile Entertainment [Newport Beach], and he is currently the art director at Obsidian Entertainment in Irvine, CA.

Game titles include:
Baldurs Gate II
Bard’s Tale
Enter The Matrix
Hunted: The Demon’s Forge
Klingon Academy
RPM Racing
Spiderman 2
Star Fleet Academy
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary
Ultimate Spiderman

Platforms utilized: Xbox360, PS3, and PC. Localizations are global.

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April 2012 - currently | Art Director | Obsidian Entertainment, Irvine, CA
Unannounced Next-Gen Console title

Tools: 3dsMax, Maya, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Z-Brush, Painter, Perforce, Vegas.

Jan 2008 – April 2012 | Art Director | InXile Entertainment, Newport Beach, CA
Hunted: The Demon’s Forge

Collaborating with other team leads to develop a character based fantasy-action-RPG using the Unreal 3 Engine,
for Xbox360 and PS3. Directing and Managing a staff of 18 artists and animators; creating themes, concept art and initial
level prototype, directing and creating assets, managing development of concept art, assigning tasks, providing feedback,
monitored all art progress toward milestone goals.

Jan 2005 –Jan 2008 | Lead Artist | InXile Entertainment, Newport Beach, CA

Worked with other team members to develop a gangster style action game using the Unreal 3 Engine, for Xbox360 and PS3.
Created bank themes and concept art, created level art assets, planned naming and asset management conventions, conceived
of and developed functional level streaming solution for entire city.

Jan 2004 – Jan 2005 | Lead Artist | Sammy Studios, Carlsbad, CA
Unannounced Action Title

Collaborated with other team leads to develop “next-generation” action-shooter using the Unreal 3 Engine. Managed a staff
of 10 artists and animators, created themes, directed and created assets (levels, actors, animations, effects) managed development
of concept art, assigned tasks, provided feedback, monitored progress and involved Directors.

June 2003 - January 2004 | Executive Producer | Treyarch, Santa Monica, CA
Ultimate Spiderman | Spiderman 2

Worked with executive committee to manage the day-to-day needs of the studio and teams. Provided high-level
leadership to development team and managed development team’s relationship with publisher (Activision). Contracted writing
and artistic talent from Marvel.  For Spider-man 2, managed the implementation of key libraries, as well as accepted bids,
contracted the talent (Blur), and managed the creative process of the pre-rendered cinematics for Spiderman 2.

2003 | Independent Contractor
Eidos | Paradox | Backyard Wrestling

Helped to evaluate the graphic status of the product, counsel Eidos executive management, provide art direction to team,
and provided focused problem solving to insure successful delivery of title. Tools: Photoshop 6, Painter 6.1.
Inxile | The Bards Tale
Created Concepts and “turn-arounds”, built and textured character models for PS2 role-playing game. Tools: 3dsMax 5,
Painter 6.1, Photoshop.

Feb 2002 - May 2003 | Art Director | Shiny Entertainment, Aliso Viejo, CA
Enter The Matrix

Managed and directed a staff of 18 artists and animators. Coordinated with other leads and directors to develop production
plans and implement them. Collaborated with creative leadership at Eon Entertainment to maintain visual parity with the movie.
Developed original concepts to complement existing scripted locations. Worked closely with designers and programmers to insure
the successful delivery of this crucial title (all 12 SKUs – 4 platforms x 3 territories; all released on the same date).

2000 – 2002 | Director of Development | Interplay Entertainment, Irvine, CA
Directed and managed the flow of product from development through Audio, Localization, QA, and on to Operations for
manufacturing. Monitored and assisted the development team at Shiny Entertainment with financial, creative, and developmental
issues as they pertained to the Enter The Matrix project.
1995 – 2000 | Art Technical Director | Interplay Entertainment, Irvine, CA
Recruited and assigned, talent and resources to specific development teams. Acted as strategic technical advisor, research
coordinator, artistic guide, advisor, mediator, project facilitator, and “fire-fighter” to all teams internal and external.
1992 – 1995 | Art Director | Interplay Productions, Irvine, CA
Created and managed, Interplay’s 3D Animation Department. Hired approximately 30 artists for over a dozen different projects.
Researched and implemented a Silicon Graphics Lab complete with a dozen workstations and a Challenge multiprocessor-rendering
server, as well as the relatively new technologies of motion capture and 3D digitizing.
1990 – 1992 | Artist/Animator | Interplay Productions, Irvine, CA
Artist and animator. Responsible for sprite animations, background images, 3D modeling, texturing and animating
of characters and environments.

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, San Diego State University, Design Major

Creative Direction
3D Modeling & Animation
Character Development
Technical Drawing
Level Creation
Communication & Diplomacy
Creative Problem-Solving            
Management & Organization
Initiative & Follow Through
Sense of Humor

3DS Max 2012 | Alien Brain | Photoshop CS4 | Perforce
Painter 11 | Zbrush 3.5 | Maya 2012 | Unreal Engine

References available upon request.